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Real love stories and intimate moments.

Bride and groom standing in front of historic farmhouse at Riverdale Manor.

Tara & Bryan

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Groom dipping and kissing bride in jungle of plants.

Mallory & Kaleb

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Bride and groom touching noses in front on sunset on Colony Cocktail Club balcony.

Kaitlin & Derek

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Guy carrying fiancé on stone shoreline of Wissahickon Creek.
Love Notes

“I’m obsessed. 😭❤️❤️❤️  You’re amazing!  Thank you. 😊😘”

Picture Your Adventure

Your love is an adventure and your photos should reflect that!  How you interact with each other is unique and beautiful to you.  That is why you will love my documentary approach to your images.   Your photos will tell your story by freezing your authentic moments together.  You will get little cues to whisper in each other ears or kiss at the moment the sun ducks right behind your faces creating a glowing halo around you.

If you have never had photos taken, do not worry!  You will feel like a Vogue supermodel by the end of our session!  You will always get a little bit of instruction at the beginning but by the middle of the session you will be having so much fun with your partner you will forget I am holding a camera!

Engaged couple walking along Lake Whitingham holding hands with backs to camera.

The Steps to Begin Your Adventure!

Reach Out!

Step 1: Get connected by filling out the contact form – you will get a personal email response from me within 48 hours!

What's your Vision?

Step 2:  Let’s chat!  When you are ready we should jump on a phone call or meet for coffee.  This gives us a chance to discuss exactly what you need for you special day and how we can make it happen!

Details Matter

Step 3:  Of course we will be in touch throughout the planning process.  Reach out anytime you need, but I will touch base as we go along to make sure your vision is becoming reality.

Finally Your Day!

Step 4:  It’s your day and I will be along side you for every special moment.  Documenting your happy tears and laughter and the story behind your love.

"Holy shit, Elaine these are amazing! Thank you for sending these, we can’t wait to see the rest. This was perfect for us to reflect back on during our honeymoon."
Elle & Luke
Girl standing at fence looking down.

I am Elaine!

It is so exciting to meet you and there is nothing I love more than starting a conversation about your next adventure!  But if you made it this far, you probably want to know a little bit about me.

Photography started off as a total passion for me.  It was a way of creating joy and art.  I officially launched my business at the start of the infamous pandemic.  Wow, what a way to start when with a sudden shock the world came to a close.  But as a creative I did not give up, instead it made me learn so much and became fulltime within the last year.  When I am not editing photos, posting on socials or celebrating your special moments you can find either find me cuddling with cats or walking in the woods.  I love a good adventure and traveling around the world.

If you want to learn more, I love meeting new people so reach out and let me know or check out my about me page.

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