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Everyday Life

Mommy sitting on white couch next to dad and baby.

Everyday life is beautiful

Whether you are growing your family or just trying to document  your everyday life it is time to write your story.  What kind of session are you looking for?

Family embracing watching the sunset photographed from behind

"Elaine - thank you thank you thank you!!! These are so amazing. I LOVE the pictures of us all looking at Maya and the kids running. . . Really, truly, thank you from my heart. This means more than pictures in a frame. "
"Elaine the photos are amazing and I love them all. I literally cried because of the timing and the experience we received from you."
Expecting mother in green dress on concrete steps.


Pregnancy takes commitment, patience and work!  But your are building your family legacy and it is a beautiful journey.  You are beautiful and your body is doing amazing things right now!  This is why you need document this short lived adventure and your earliest stages of motherhood!  Motherhood is a wild adventure and lets make you as beautiful as the goddess you are!

Baby bow wrapped in green sitting in wooden boat.


You just had a baby and it is time to start recording all these fresh memories!  You are probably tired which is why newborn session only take place in thee comfort of your home.  But there is only a small window of time to capture these moments with your newest family member!  Therefore, newborn sessions only happy within the first 2 weeks of birth.  Your precious little one only has a natural curl so long and they cannot fit into the little props forever!  Sessions are scheduled based on your due date.  In order to accommodate all my mamas I only take 3 newborn clients a month because life is unexpected! If your little one has a different plan limiting the sessions allow me to leave room in my calendar to make adjustments.


Family is so important and it all comes down to capturing the magic of your everyday life. You need to tell your story!  We can schedule in home session or have an outdoor adventure at a park convenient for you!  Little ones run these session with every grumpy face or joyful smile.  Family sessions are uniquely

Mom with dad, child and white dog posing for family photo.

My Everyday Life

In my everyday life, when I am not taking photos you will either find me spending time with my cats or hiking in the woods.  But photography is my full out passion and art!  Three fun facts about me:

-I have a degree in Fashion Design

-I love to travel with my husband and we have a goal to see all the National Parks

-Tortilla chips are my favorite snack food.

Honestly, I am here because I love telling your story!  But if you want to read a little more about me you can check out my story here.

Man and women kissing at lakeside.