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My Story

Elaine Zebley with camera and white dog

A Little About Myself

I love being a lifestyle and wedding photographer!  Since I am an all around creative person, learning photography came to me very naturally.  I love traveling and exploring, so do not hesitate to ask me to photograph your destination wedding because I am so in! I am also a foodie and animal lover.  Of all the different types of photography, landscape photography is my favorite.  So if you are looking for a photographer to hike to a mountain top just to capture the perfect Instagram image, let me know!  As you can probably tell by now, I never shy away from adventures, and I would love to photograph yours!

How I Got Started

My first camera was given to me in 2001 and it was the best gift I could have dreamed of getting.  As a child, having the remote chance to take a picture was such an exhilarating experience.  My first camera meant so much to me because I understood the outrageous cost to get one.  I felt so special because I was the only middle school kid that had her own.  I would drag it everywhere and snap until I heard the camera switch over and roll the film back.  When that happened, I would beg my mom to have it dropped off and then be forced to wait another week.  Seeing the developed pictures always brought me so much joy and excitement. This is the same joy and excitement that I want to bring you.

How My Passion Grew

Now I did not start taking photography seriously until the Fall of 2018.  Thanks to two friends, I found myself in somewhat of a lucky situation.  I told them in passing that I wanted to get more involved with photography.  They knew about my passion, and not wasting any time, took it upon themselves to refer me as a photographer for their friend’s wedding.  Without a camera and lacking some serious skills, I was feeling the pressure but I was excited.  Within a week I had a camera, booked their engagement shoot, and was practicing like crazy.  To learn as much as I could before their big day, I offered everyone I knew a free photography session.  Eventually, friends and family started asking me to book sessions and offering to pay me for my lifestyle photography. With my passion reignited, I felt just like a kid again.

Looking Ahead

As an emerging wedding and lifestyle photographer, I would love to become a part of your story. I want to share my Experience with you and would love for you to share your experience with me.  Please allow my passion and skills to capture your precious moments forever!