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12 Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

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Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021

Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas during the pandemic? We’re glad you asked! Regardless of how much we loathe the 2020-ish style of life right now, there are lots of fun things we can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day! So without further adieu…queue drumroll…here is our list of favorite Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your significant other.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with an outdoor hike! At Elaine Zebley Photography, we are totally avid hikers! We love that rush of joy that can only come from hiking to the top of a mountain! Some great hiking spots around the Philadelphia area include the Wissahickon Trail, Valley Forge National Park, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Marsh Creek State Park, and Ridley Creek State Park. I wouldn’t say the mountains are huge here, but the views are still beautiful and hiking is a wonderful form of exercise.

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Been wanting to see that landmark you have put off visiting? For us, it’s Gettysburg. We’ll get there someday, it’s just a matter of when. So for those of you not afraid to put a little distance between yourself and home, jump in your car and explore!  FYI, backwoods camping is a great form of social distancing!

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The restaurant industry has really been affected by the pandemic, we’ve seen it all over the news and even in our own communities. This Valentine’s Day, you can do them a solid and pick up your favorite curbside cuisine! Not only does it feel good to help out a local business in need but takeout is so tasty!


For those feeling a bit braver and assuming your local health and safety guidelines allow, dine in at a local restaurant in need of their community’s support. You can get that delicious meal you love with the ambiance to boot. I’m sure your local restaurant will love to see your business. So what better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your support! A nice meal would be a win-win for everyone.


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If you are not feeling curbside or dine-in, you can always cook for your Valentine! It feels so good to cook a special meal. It feels even better to be on the receiving end of a delicious main course! If you want to make it a joint venture, one of you can cook the appetizer and dessert while the other cooks the main dish!


Valentine’s Day should always be special, so why not schedule a photography session for you and your special someone? And what could be more unique than your own private photography session? Celebrating Valentine’s Day during the pandemic does not have to be boring!


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This list would not be complete without a board game night. You could also put a modern spin on it and battle your Valentine in a video game. So crack open the wine and get competitive with this classic idea.


If the name “Love Park” doesn’t invoke feelings of love, then 2020 must have really done a number on you. Philadelphia’s most iconic landmark is none other than LOVE itself. It’s just a brisk walk from City Hall and a short stroll to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There is plenty of rich culture, amazing food, and beautiful sights to be seen all along the Ben Franklin Parkway.


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If you haven’t binged watched everything on Netflix during your quarantine, then now’s your chance! Do it! Get the popcorn. Grab your favorite drink. Click on a gushy rom-com!


For those looking for the cool wind in their face, lace up those skates and hit the ice at your favorite ice skating rink. A few of our local favorites are the Blue Cross River Rink in Penn’s Landing, IceWorks in Aston, and Ice Line in West Chester.


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There are plenty of free informative online tours and experiences. From learning about local culture to immersing yourself in virtual reality, sites like Philadelphia’s Top Attractions and Tour Philadelphia will explore everything Philly while sites like Google’s Art and Culture take you to thousands of places, museums and pieces of art around the world. There is a huge wealth of knowledge via online virtual tours right now due to the pandemic. Take advantage of the opportunities while they last!


Yes! Hear us out. It’s totally not romantic but you two could tackle a home renovation project together that you’ve been putting off. Seriously! What better time to join forces and knock out that ever-growing to-do list? You may not have known that Valentine’s Day can be productive as well as romantic.


These are just some of the fun ideas we came up with. If we missed any please connect with us about any other creative ideas you have. Stay safe and have fun out there.