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Jake and Colleen – Elfreth’s Alley

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Couple with dog sitting on cobblestone street

As a couple’s photographer, I truly enjoy discovering new and interesting venues. The only thing better is finding individuals or couples who are willing to explore them with me. When this happens I am that much more excited to take their picture! Case in point, my recent shoot at Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia. Once I booked this shoot I immediately got to work researching the location and envisioning poses for my clients, Jake, Colleen and their puppy, Fin. 

Rich History & Amazing Architecture

In early 18th century Philadelphia, overcrowding of the Delaware River ports necessitated alternative routes for tradesmen to reach the river. Finally in 1703, a path or “alley” was carved between two properties, stretching from Front Street to 2nd Street, to meet this need.  And thus Elfreth’s Alley was born. Additionally, it was not until almost 200 years later that local residents and historians banded together to form the Elfreth’s Alley Association (EAA) which fought to prevent deterioration of the alley’s historic character. Finally, in the 1960s, the Alley became a National Historical Landmark: helping preserve its exceptional early American history and architecture.  

As America’s oldest residential street, the first thing you will notice when you step onto Elfreth’s Alley is its beautiful architecture. Oozing with colonial charm, Elfreth’s Alley sends you back in time with its early American flare. The colonial colors are prolific as they pop from front doors, trim, shutters, planters and more! The Flemish brickwork also adds an old-world vibe that is rarely seen anywhere else in the city.  I was bubbling with excitement as I learned how photo worthy every single house on the block was. It is a stunning location for a couple’s photographer.

Perfect Site for a Couple’s Photographer

Let’s just say the beautiful location was no match for this beautiful couple. Jake, Colleen and their little pup, Fin, were awesome. They were super chill subjects that made posing fun and effortless. Plus their puppy Fin was the cutest and craziest little guy. I love incorporating pets in to my shots. It really personalizes the images and adds a bit of spontaneity. My clients love it too and it allows us to have more fun. And as far as the location goes, Elfreth’s Alley did not disappoint. The images turned out amazing, what a wonderful couple to photograph. 

If you have another historic location you’d like to explore with a couple’s photographer, please connect with me.