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Macoby Run Golf Course Nuptials of Christiana & Eric

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Bride leading groom in front of Macoby Run Golf Course.

The morning hustle and bustle

Christiana was getting ready for her wedding at Macoby Run Golf Course.  Eric was getting ready at his nearby parent’s house.  So the first stop on my list was to visit Eric and the guys!  For some reason, the guys had the time mixed up.  Therefore, when I showed up ready to take photos is exactly moment when the hustle and bustle of the day started.  When you book me as your photographer, I will go over some of the things that will help make your day smooth.  One of these things is putting all of your details together in a single location, bag or box the night before.  Even though, the time was mixed up, the gents quickly brought me the details items they had set aside and the photography schedule could commence!

We moved right along taking photos of the groom putting on his cufflinks, tie and shoes.  Then we waved goodbye and ventured to Macoby Run Golf Course to find Christiana getting ready with her ladies.  The air conditioning was blasting.  The girls were doing make up and hair and the bouquets from Kukka Flowers were getting their final touches.  With the bride’s details in hand I jetted outside to layout a stunning set with all her special items!  There wedding was themed “a love written in the stars”.  From her gold star earrings to the blue and gold invitations each item was another piece to Christiana and Eric’s love story written in the stars.  As soon as I wrapped up the details and we snapped a few getting ready photos it was time for the first look!

Play Video about Bride and groom holding each other face to face with long grass bush in foreground.

A First Look at Macoby Run Golf Course

Christiana looked amazing in her wedding dress from Alessia’s Bridal. We were ready to go so the ladies and I set off for the little stone house at the other end of Macoby Run Golf Course.  The groomsmen and the groom followed behind with my second shooter.  Christiana was set up.  My second photographer and I got set up.  It was time for Eric to tap Christiana on the shoulder!  It was a beautiful reaction!

If you are on the fence about a first look, let me just jump in and list a few reasons why you should do one!  First looks allow you day to run smoother.  You get often get a more authentic and beautiful reaction from the groom than you otherwise would down the aisle.  It also gives you the chance to enjoy your cocktail hour.  Why?  Because if you do a first look we can take all those family portraits you listed before your ceremony.  So that means we will not need to take them after the ceremony during your cocktail hour.  Plus couples who do a first look usually get more portraits of the two of you!

Excuse my side bar rant about first looks, but they are worth considering!  Of course, we will always get gorgeous images of you regardless.  For Christiana and Eric, some of my favorite photos were taken at our sunset steal away.  We wrapped up with the bridal party and go carted back to the main building to get ready for the ceremony.

Tying the Knot at Macoby Run Golf Course

The ceremony location at Macoby Run Golf Course is very unique.  The bridal party stands directly under a very large old tree. (I believe it was maple.)  The guests are divided into three seating sections but the photos will illustrate it better.  As a photographer it was nice because I had a lot of freedom to move around to capture the right moment and image.  It could not have been a more beautiful ceremony and the guests erupted in cheers with the first kiss!

The party was just getting started!  The reception followed immediately in the pavilion next to the ceremony.  Gold stars and blue table cloths decorated the space.  Christiana thought of every detail and it truly was a spectacular love to witness written in the stars!