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A Red Barn Wedding in NJ-Kristen & Andrew

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Bride and groom kissing in rain in front of red doors.

Why choose a red barn?

You may have thought about what your rustic chic wedding might look like in a beige or brown barn; but have you considered entertaining your guests with a red barn wedding? This is exactly the look that Kristen and Andrew picked for their intimate May ceremony in New Jersey.

When planning your wedding, color is one of the key elements to make a cohesive theme. Red is of course an iconic symbol of romance!  Just think about how important red is for Valentine’s Day. So, of course, celebrating your nuptials in a red barn is a romantic sentiment. Jack’s Barn in Oxford, New Jersey was the perfect setting for Kristen to tie the knot with Andrew.  It was a great choice for their intimate celebration under 100 guests. The bridal suite is both spacious and beautiful with turquoise color woven into the bright white and airy space. Downstairs in the well styled groom’s den you could find Andrew getting ready and cheering with his closest friends and family.

Wedding party celebrating the bride and groom's marriage.

How details and color bring your wedding together

All of Kristen’s bridesmaids wore a muted colonial blue in various textures and styles. This gave an updated twist on the classic red, white and blue colors. Andrew dressed in black and his entourage in gray. But it was Kristen’s gorgeous lace gown that stole the show even in the rain as they stood in front of the “Jack’s Barn” sign with a clear umbrella.

Kristen and Andrew’s day was filled with lots of love and unique touches. But the quirky moment where they decided who should go first for vows was certainly a special one. If you and your almost husband are struggling with who should go first; take a page from Kristen and Andrew and play a little Rock, Paper, Scissors. Not only will it add a little fun to your ceremony but it will put a smile on everyone’s face at your red barn wedding.