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6 Proven Reasons Not To Overlook a Second Photographer

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Second photographer

So you might be asking yourself, why is my photographer recommending a second photographer for my wedding? Before we dive into the reasons why another photographer may be a good addition to your wedding package, we first need to understand the role of a second photographer.

Who are second photographers?

A second photographer, sometimes called an assistant photographer or ‘second’, is another experienced photographer that works besides the lead. Just like the lead, they capture all those beautiful wedding images throughout your special day. They assist the bride in adjusting their dress, holding up a prop or light, or even breaking away to get necessary shots while the lead photographer is busy (usually with the bride). Also, the ‘second’ may have never worked with or met the lead before. They may work together or the lead could pick them from a social media group dedicated to local photographers in your area. Either way, the lead is comfortable with their work, understands that their work will compliment his/her style, and trusts them to capture those special moments with or without them present.

Bride and groom kiss in front of venue

So why hire a second photographer?

There are numerous reasons why a ‘second’ is a beneficial addition to your wedding photography package.

  1. The second photographer is usually with the groom while the lead provides coverage for the bride.

    Let’s be honest, it’s hard being in two places at the same time (story of my life). It’s even harder when a bride and groom get ready ready in two very different locations. If the bride and groom prefer coverage for the big day in separate locations, then it is highly encouraged to bring on an extra set of hands.

  2. You do not want to miss a single moment (including the reactions from guests).

    There is nothing more disappointing than missing important shots, whether it’s missing a particular pose or a special person. No photographer or bride wants to have this happen to them. This is where a second photographer is critical. They are essentially photo insurance. They help you hit every look you want to capture and more. Plus if capturing your guests’ reactions and interactions are important, the extra hand will go a long way.

  3. Multiple photographers means multiple perspectives.

    Another photographer allows for more creativity and a different perspective in a good way. Although different, their images will align with the lead’s overall style. Who knows, maybe you’ll absolutely fall in love with an image that came straight from their vision and innovation.

  4. You’ll actually receive more images with your package.

    Depending on your length of coverage, a second photographer provides 10-30% more images to a package! This could be the difference in capturing those additional picturesque Pinterest looks or not.

  5. Intimate details and wide angled images!

    Not only will you receive more images, but you’ll receive more complete coverage of your wedding. This provides the opportunity to capture amazing up-close details or dreamy wide-angled shots. The vision of capturing your perfect image becomes that much more a reality.

  6. Family shots go so much smoother.

    A second photographer can corral wondering family members while the lead can focus on capturing stunning family portraits. This helps free up your time and energy. It also creates time for special looks such as sunset pictures and additional must haves.

Wedding blue martini signature drink from Elaine Zebley Photography

So is a second photographer needed for my wedding?

It depends. Based on the information given above, an extra photographer adds so much value to your most important day. Additionally, some brides prefer to be conservative with their photography coverage so as to guard against not missing a single moment. However, a ‘second’ may not be necessary for your wedding from a practical standpoint. The bride and groom may get ready in the same location. it may not a big deal for the photographer to miss an important moment, or perhaps more images are not necessarily a benefit to a wedding couple. It all depends on the level of control you want on your wedding day and what your expectations are from your photographer. Either way, no matter what side of the fence you land on, you should definitely have a conversation with your lead photographer about whether they offer a second photographer, at what value and for what reasons.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please contact us through our Connect page. We’d love to help you fully understand your photography needs for your wedding.