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Are you thinking about an Album?

So you LOVE your photos!

You are feeling all of the love from your friends and family all over the internet as you share image after image!  But these moments are so special.  Don’t let them disappear into the cloud.  There is something so unique and captivating about holding your images in your hands.  Remember the moment everyday with a personalize album!

Wedding Album Fabrics and Cover

From premium leather to book cloth in just about every color to linen and velvet, your fabrication options are endless.  At your album consultation meeting we will discuss in more detail your fabric options since fabrics are changing.   But before you choose your fabric, you probably want to consider what kind of cover you are looking for!  Is there a star photo you want to feature?

Wedding Album Sizes and Layouts

Square albums are the most popular album choice.  These albums are perfect for a front and center display or standing on a mantel  Available in 10×10 or 12×12.  Parent albums available in smaller sizes upon request.

Vertical albums are the best choice if you plan to display this on your bookshelf because it is the most similar to how books are oriented.  Available in 8×10, 9×12, 10 1/2×14.

Horizontal albums are for the romantic lovers who love their full page spreads!  These albums look beautiful on coffee tables and are the most dramatic of all the styles.  Available in 10×8, 12×9, 14×11, 16×12.

Ordering your Wedding is Easy!

Albums are all customized to exactly what you want!  But first you need to decide which photos to feature!  When you are ready we will set up a pre-consultation to gather some information about what is important for you in your album!  We take it from there and you can choose to meet in person/zoom for your album reveal or you can opt for an email reveal.  Ordering your album is as easy as that!

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