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Mallory, Barb & Scout – Farm at Peaceful Meadows Family Portraits

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Horse and girl facing each other for lifestyle portrait

One perk about being a lifestyle photographer is having the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. That being said, I’m secretly terrified of horses. In other words, going to a horse farm for a session wasn’t on this lifestyle photographer’s bucket list. Regardless, when my good friends, Mallory and Barb, asked for a session with their horse at The Farm at Peaceful Meadows, I was eager to agree yet cautious. Silly as my fear of being trampled by a horse may be, Mallory and Barb handled their horse, Scout, so well that my fears disappeared. It’s ironic because it’s usually me who has to calm the nerves of my clients. Our session at the horse farm was incredible. Scout was so well behaved and easy to photograph and the horse farm was so picturesque. I loved taking their pictures and enjoyed documenting their time together.